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Quality Management

We ensure strict quality management through all stages, including design, production, and in specifications.We are building a “MIWA”brand that can be relied upon.

A Philosophy of Quality First Throughout the Company

The quality of products is essential for the survival of a manufacturing company such as Miwa. Since our establishment, we have stubbornly stuck to our philosophy of quality first, and every year we set higher “quality objectives and goals”for ourselves. Every single one of our employees is aware of their responsibility as regards quality, and they are dedicating all of their energies to achieving our objectives and goals. We are firm in our forward thinking approach of“is this good?”or“could we make this any better?”so that we can achieve even higher levels of customer satisfaction and confidence ; therefore we conduct our business based around strict quality management provisions. We have established a system in which such products can be manufactured“at any time, by anyone, and anywhere,”and our aim is to eliminate both “external rejects” and “internal rejects.”

Guaranteeing Quality through Stringent Management

All of Miwa’s operations are planned and executed based upon a detailed quality manual, and our products are subject to stringent checking. We have put in place a systemized regime in which we immediately rectify any problems that may be detected. We incorporate “mistake-proofing”in our unique processes borne out of this management cycle. In order to avoid human error, we have installed quality assurance procedures within processes, and these include designs aimed at preventing erroneous operation.
Instead of merely carrying out product testing for its own sake, we have developed accurate methods that realistically recreate the actual environments, circumstances, and conditions under which the product will be used, and the products are subject to stringent, repeated testing. For example, when testing the strength and durability

Cylinder durability testing
Durability testing,
mounted on actual doors
Push in strength testing
Lock durability testing