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Intelligent and stylish RFID card lock system

We are proud to present our latest RFID Locks. Enhance the security of your property with these stylish and durable steel locksets. Used in hotels, assisted living, apartments, beach resorts and schools. Available in several finishes and handle styles. Recommended for both indoor and outdoor properties. Passed the ANSI 156.25 grade 1 lock testing. Quality you can trust, usage as simple as tapping a card. For those that want extra functionality/encryption, we have upgrades for:BLE Digital Key, MIFARE Plus, Mechanical Key Override, Auto-deadbolt and Residential Mode Function.

RFID Technology

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification gives the ability of reading and writing to the guest and staff cards
without them touching the lock. Simply place the card within half an inch of the reader and the lock will open.

Simple Lock Setup

Locks can quickly be programed via DTU tablet / infrared USB. Guest and staff keys can be issued / re-issued via the front desk encoder.

Read and write

When a card is used to open a lock, it can be written to as well as read. Guest cards - When Necessary, reading a guest card at front desk encoder will display important information such as room #, check in /checkout date, and error information such as why the card didn’t work at the guest room. Staff cards - Various information is added to the staff card every time it’s used. This would include the room, the time the lock was opened, as well as the status of the lock’s batteries.

Customizable Staff Access

Staff keys can be configured to match Hotel operator’s requirements. Whether it is a basement floor only engineer, a housekeeper, or a general manager with access to all rooms. These settings can also be changed to grant staff more access to rooms or implement restrictions, without having to reprogram the locks.

MIFARE Plus, Bluetooth & More

Additional upgrade options include Bluetooth Digital Key (via guest smart phone App), MIFARE Plus System ( extra encryption & security), Mechanical Key Override (Emergency Open via physical key), Auto-Deadbolt, and Residential Mode Function.


The MIWA system is designed to interface to both PMS and POS solutions, using RS232 or TCP/IP key data can be automatically sent to the MIWA system making the check in procedure more efficient and eliminating key stroke errors.

Other systems

The MIWA system can integrate with other technology systems on property, due to very flexible software. These could include time and attendance or other access control systems.

Auditable Security

The front desk system can be audited to see who has made staff or guest keys. Locks hold the last 600 transactions and staff keys hold data from the last 140 transactions. The system provides management the necessary transparency to review staff and guest activity throughout their property.

Card control

As with all previous MIWA systems new guest cards cancel old guest cards and each staff card can be cancelled should it become lost or stolen.


Satin Chrome Finish(ST)
Polished Chrome Finish(SB)
Satin Brass Finish(BS)
Matt Black Finish(BK)
Matt Black Finish(BK)



Handle type 50・66・74・476・478
Mountable Cylinder U9
Backset 70 mm
Reader finish Black color hard coated acrylic
Finishes Satin Chrome (ST) / Polished Chrome (SB)
Satin Brass (BS) / Polished Brass (YB)
Mid Bronze (CB) / Matt Black (BK)
Door thickness 40–51 mm
Usability Left-hand and right-hand usable (inward opening)
Power Supply 4 AA alkaline batteries
Mobile key Available, BLE module is included
RFID standard ISO 14443 A (MIFARE Plus / MIFARE Classic)
Supported door Interior (Metal and Wood)
Audit Trail Up to 600 events
BHMA / ANSI Grade 1 certified
Fire Rating UL10C certified