Our Business

We are proud of our nearly 60% Japanese market share in building locks, and our products being used in 50 countries around the world is a core business for us.
More than 70 years of experience and know-how in the development of locks, as well as exhaustive quality management have made MIWA a global brand that can be relied upon, and this has translated into unparalleled support from our customers. Furthermore, recent years have seen us rapidly introducing cutting edge IT skills and biometrics technologies, and we are providing next-generation security systems that target future security needs.

Our Story

Company established (Head Quarters in Tokyo, Factory in Mie)
First designed door lock“ HM series dead locking knob lock”
First designed cylinder“ DISC cylinder”
MIWA LOCK products were widely used for Tokyo Olympic game facilities
Magnet key“ EC cylinder”
First hotel Magcard lock system“ ALH series”
Battery operated hotel Magcard lock system “ AL3H series”
PIN code lock“ TKL series”
Rotary disk tumbler mechanism“ U9 cylinder”
ISO9001 certified
U.S.A. sales office opened
Reversible dimple key “PR cylinder”
ISO14001 certified
First RFID hotel card lock“ ALFH series”
Code Changeable mechanism “ LB cylinder”
RFID hotel card lock for international market“ ALV2 series”
Intelligent push-pull electric lock “iEL Zero” with Raccess hands free key
Mobile key hotel card lock“ ALVB series”
RFID & PIN digital lock “PiACK II” & Hands free digital lock “DTRS”

HM series(1955)

DISC cylinder(1957)

EC cylinder(1967)

ALH series(1982)

AL3H series(1988)

TKL series(1988)

U9 cylinder(1991)

PR cylinder(2003)

ALFH series(2004)

LB cylinder(2007)

ALV2 series(2011)

iEL Zero series(2015)

PiACK II series(2017)

DTRS series(2017)


Security changes with the times. MIWA LOCK’s integrated research and development has given us further improved product development capabilities.

Development and Engineering Center (Mie, Japan)

Development and Engineering Center (Mie, Japan)


We ensure strict quality management through all stages, including design, production, and in specifications. We are building a“ MIWA” brand that can be relied upon.

Durability test, mounted on actual doors

Lock durability test


Only the required quantities of the required products are delivered when they are needed. This has been made possible by our large scale + high-mix, low volume production.

The largest lock plant in Japan “MIWA LOCK Tamaki Plant” ISO9001 certified

The largest lock plant in Japan “MIWA LOCK Tamaki Plant” ISO9001 certified

The largest lock plant in Japan “MIWA LOCK Tamaki Plant” ISO9001 certified

The largest lock plant in Japan “MIWA LOCK Tamaki Plant” ISO9001 certified

Environmental Measures

We are moving forward together with regions, the planet, and the future. Our efforts towards the environment are an important issue for MIWA. “MIWA LOCK Tamaki Plant” ISO14001 certified

Discharge pond

Cyclone dust collector

Wastewater processing system