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About Us

Corporate Philosophy

We always provide the highest quality products and services
to protect people and their property,
and to bring about a safer, more comfortable society.

This concept is constantly changing over the years.
Society is changing, and we are seeing a trend towards even more sophisticated crimes,
meaning that increased anti-crime measures are needed.
At the same time, the current age of ongoing technical innovation means that totally new security systems are required.
At Miwa Lock, each of our staff are very aware of our corporate philosophy of “Providing safety and security to our customers with our high quality products,
and making a positive contribution to society in order that you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle,”
To this end, they are working in unison to provide even better products and services.
As a leading lock company, we are contributing towards a more secure, comfortable society.

Think Next Security

We provide reliable safety and great peace of mind with creative
idea and advanced technologies.

MIWA LOCK is a leading design and lock manufacturer, providing lock technologies for residential, commercial and hospitality projects.
We also supply derivative items such as access control system and hardware, Home automation system, vending machine/casino gaming locks.

To complement the dependability and simplicity of our products, we utilize advanced features like IoT connectivity, Bluetooth / NFC mobile phone key capabilities, Long range RFID hands-free system, computerized automated key making.

We are dedicated to arranging a seamless user experience, from your initial purchase to supporting your system. Customer service representatives can provide details on what parts you need and provide assistance with your devices.
Throughout Japan, over 780 authorized service companies currently utilize our products and support our customers; Worldwide, we do business with over 40 dealers.

We look forward to providing you and your customer with the security of our systems.

President Hiroshi Kawabe