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ALV2 Hotel Card Lock System ALV2 Series
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ALV2 Available Card Variations

Card Description
Guest cards These can be programmed to open an individual room or multiple rooms or areas within the property. For example meeting areas can be added to a meeting planner’s card or a club floor or lounge to loyalty member.
Master Card This card can open every lock in the property but cannot open a guest lock when the dead bolt is in use.
Sub Master Card These are used by staff to gain access to rooms and areas of the property. With our advanced master key structure these can be tailored to individual employees needs, allowing them to only go where you want them to and when.
Passage card When this is used the door will open and remain open until another passage card is used to lock the door. This offers a simple yet secure solution to meeting rooms and banquet areas.
Lockout Card This card, once used at the door, will stop all other cards in the system from working except for the emergency cards.
One Shot Card Issued to open one specific door once.
Interrogation Cards Used to down load the interrogation data from the locks. Quick and easy to use and allow the locks to be read without the need of the staff member having to use the Data Transfer Unit. An EL or Error log card is also available; this will download the error codes from a lock to speed up trouble shooting if required.

Basic function of ALV2 system

Reader technology RFID (Compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC))
Available card SO14443 (RFID) Type-A
Mifare Standard (Classic) 4KB/1KB / Mifare Ultralight 64B
Standard Handles 4 types
Escutcheon design 2 types (Slim type / P type)
Finishes 5 finishes
Power supply 4 AA Alkaline batteries
Interrogation logs
(Audit trail lock events)
600 events (Can be downloaded by DTU or IR card)
Mechanical key override Optional (Can be recorded in Interrogation logs)
OS Windows 7 Professional 32Bit
Auto backup function Available
Staff ID Up to 500 ID
Card encoder Up to 30 encoders can be connect to one PC
PMS interface
/ POS interface