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MIWA Security Statement

In the past few months reporters from Forbes, CBS News, NBC News, Network World, and other news outlets have stated that electronic lock’s by the affected lock manufacturer can be easily opened by unauthorized personnel or “hacked” using a simple homemade electronic device. Miwa would like to reassure all of our customers that your Miwa locking system is not susceptible to this or any other known attacks as we do not use any physical wire connection or communication plug on the lockset to transmit data. Miwa’s entire line of locking solutions is among the most secure on the market today. We incorporate multiple encryption measures and coded authentications between the handheld DTU communication device and lockset before any data is transferred. Once validation is confirmed between the lock and DTU, the data is then securely transmitted wirelessly without the need for any cables and connectors on the lockset. Miwa’s latest locking solution ALV2 offers additional security by incorporating RFID credentials such as keycards, fobs, and bracelets. Miwa then deploys proprietary cryptography when encoding data to the RFID card for guests and staff. Each lockset is capable of decrypting and corroborating without revealing any data on the encrypted tag. These substantial countermeasures and more are effective tools restricting attacks such as cloning, tracking, replay, disabling attacks.


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